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Building A Personal Network In The Modern World

The modern world is a lot more difficult to survive in without a network. It not only helps you to build up your career but helps in gaining a perspective as well. Your network gives you plenty of chances to go make up your choices. You can get inside the information of a company about […]


The Secret Adversary – Book Review

Don’t want to read it, listen it! Published: The Bodley Head in 1922 Book Blurb: Written in the third person POV, this book, The Secret Adversary is a fabulous 310-page work of detective fiction about a mission to save the nation from its downfall. It all starts in the prologue when an unknown man is […]


Humanity’s 30 Second Existence – The Cosmic Calendar

Whenever a person expires of old age and peacefully, we all say that he/she lived a long and happy life. The funny thing is that even if our lifespan can become of 1000 years even then we won’t live that long when seen on a cosmic scale. This article will take you on a journey […]