GetResponse Review 2021 – Pros and Cons | Pricing | Features

Growing online business is crucial in this time of modernizations. Marketing is a deciding practice to grow an online business as it helps your product or content to reach out to your targeted audience. These practices are generally called digital marketing. Now the question arises what digital marketing is? So it a way of marketing your products or generate more sales digitally. Digital marketing includes affiliate marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO), Email marketing, social media marketing, and many more. 

Today we will tell you about the all in one marketing tool that is used by almost all the digital marketing agencies, bloggers, and big firms. The tool is GetResponse.  In this GetResponse Review, we will cover all about this particular tool and show you how this platform helps many firms increase their marketing business and help you as well?

About GetResponse

Before we go into further details, it is important to know about what GetResponse is? So GetResponse is an email marketing platform that helps users create a mail list and represents the data. It helps make it easier for the user to send emails to subscribers or clients through your mailing list. As well as this app provides autoresponders, which helps in automating your emails.

But here, a question is: What is email marketing, and why is this app needed for email marketing?
So Email marketing is the use of email to develop relationships with potential customers and clients. It is a way to manage the customers and provide valuable things through mailing them. Managing these hundreds of emails and mailing them is tough. To make it easier for you, GetResponse comes with all the needed features to help you in e-marketing.

This app came into this business in 1998, and right now, as per the GetResponse, over 3 50,000 people and business companies are using this app for their email campaigns. Earlier, this web application was mainly for email marketing, but now it has shifted its significance completely in becoming an all-in-one marketing application which includes –

  • E-commerce 
  • Webinar Hosting 
  • Landing pages 
  • Automated sales funnels
  • Marketing automation 
  • Sign Up form
  • Paid ads that include Facebook ads and social ads creator. 

I hope you got that how much this tool is important for marketing business. Most of the time, people end up getting sad by seeing the pricing of these plans. Let us tell you GetResponse provides you with all these services at such affordable prices. Let’s talk about it.

Plans Pricing of GetResponse

GetResponse provides you four different and affordable plans, which includes – 

GetResponse Pricing
  • Basic: This plan starts with $15/month for 1000 list size, allowing users to send emails and build an engaged contact base. 
  • Plus: This plan starts at $49/ month, allowing users to generate leads, sell products, and grow their profit. 
  • Professional: This plan allows users to optimize your pro automation and integration results at $99/ month. 
  • Max: Negotiable (The price depends on the requirement and list size)

To use the “Max” plan, a user needs to contact the GetResponse, who is available 24/7 to discuss your needs, seclude your demo, and negotiate the price. 

 In addition to that, GetResponse provides you 30 days of free trials for every single plan. The best thing about its 30 days free trial plan is, it does not need your credit/debit card details. Users need to create an account or log in, and they will be enjoying a free trial service. 

If you see, you can find that GetResponse is providing you some very crucial features at very affordable prices. If we take Basic plans, the amount you are needed to pay in it and what you are getting in return is much cheaper than its competitor. 

Now we are going to drill into more details about GetResponse and its amazing features. 

Features of GetResponse

GetResponse provides you some of the best features even in its basic level plans. It offers you almost all the important kinds of stuff you expect from an email marketing tool. We have listed some of the best features of this tool. 


Autoresponders can be said as e-newsletters sent to your subscriber at the different intervals that are decided by you. It is one of the new features added in GetResponse to enhance your email marketing. 

You can use autoresponders to give a welcome message to your visitors who just signed up on your mailing list. With the help of autoresponders, you can actually schedule your emails. Like, you can send the same person a discount email or an offer email of your products after a week. This feature is helping people to grow their sales and marketing business. 

Marketing automation tools 

This tool is an important tool for email sequencing. This is only available for “plus or higher” plans. Before going into the details of this tool, we need to understand what Email sequencing is? 

Email sequencing helps in sending the series of emails on pre-sent time intervals. This means you need to seclude the timings, and it will send the email to the subscribers at that particular time. This is called marketing automation. 

GetResponse makes email sequencing easier for you as it allows you to build an “automation flow chart.” You can automate your emails to when to send an email and when to not by just doing drag and drop. GetResponse also allows you to instruct it what to do when someone clicks on some offer or a link, etc. 

In simple words, GetResponse allows you to create a user journey that can be customized whenever you want.     

Email template of GetResponse

Email Marketing

GetResponse provides users with two sets of templates for emails. The first one is for old creators, and the second one is for new, also known as the “BETA” version. Talking about the quality, then the Beta version provides much more quality than the old version. It provides you around 100 different and attractive templates. The best thing about its templates is, here you get the template categories, which allows you to choose templates as per your needs.  

Responsive Email Design

GetResponse provides you responsive email designs for both old and new versions. That means the email templates adjust themselves as per the screens like Mobile, desktop, tablets, etc. It also provides you with a preview option that allows you to check how your newsletter will appear on each screen. 


GetResponse provides you a good range of analytics and reporting functionality, which provides you the entire basic course, which includes – 

  • Open rate 
  • Click through 
  • Unsubscribe rate

In addition to that, GetResponse also provides some other reporting features that include 

  • E-newsletter performance comparison – it offers you to provide two e-newsletter side by side. 
  • One-click segmentation – This option helps users identify people who didn’t engage with an e-newsletter. It actually allows you to put them into other subscribers’ segments to email them again with a different e-newsletter. 
  • Per-user information– This feature let you see where your subscriber signed up from, their located and which emails have been opened in passed by them. GetResponse provides you the excess to this information in just one click on one of the subscribers. 
  • Metrics over time– This feature tells you how your subscribers take action on your emails. 
  • Email ROI – This allows you to add some tracking code to the post-sales. You can find how effective your emails are driving sales for you. 

Get Response’s reporting features are among the most featured tools compared to the MailChimp email marketing app or any other. 

Fonts in GetResponse

Not all email programs support the use of web fonts, but GetResponse is one of the email marketing software that supports almost all the web fonts. 

Old templates in GetResponse provide simple and usual ‘web-safe fonts,’ Arial, times new roman, Georgia, trebuchet, etc. Using these few web fonts results in e-newsletters looking a bit boring because we have a limited amount of 

The new version of GetResponse provides its users to make extensive use of web fonts. It offers you an extensive range of Google fonts, which helps create an email campaign that maintains brand values. 

Split Testing 

Split testing is an important feature in GetResponse as it helps in– 

  • Sending a lot of your different e-newsletters to the people on your subscriber’s list. 
  • Monitoring the performances of your email campaigns 
  • Sending the best version to the remainder of your list 

 Talking about the current scenario, the split testing feature has currently been reduced functionality on the new GetResponse templates.   

Landing page creator 

An attractive website attracts more leads as compared to a website that does not look attractive. That’s why the advertising campaigns use landing pages so they can generate more leads. Good landing pages provide clear information and a well-designed data capture form. 

In this regard, GetResponse provides you a landing page creator that is compatible with mobile phones also. This landing page creator will not only be used for building squeeze pages, but it also allows you to check the conversion rate of the pages against each other in real-time. This leads to a massive positive impact on the number of leads and improves your email campaign’s reach.  

The best part is GetResponse makes this feature available in all the plans. So whether you go for a basic or max plan, you will be able to use this feature. The landing pages you create in GetResponse can be used in many analytics tools and cookies also. 

Despite this, there are some problems with this feature that are generally faced by the users, which includes – 

  • Not so intuitive interface 
  • We need to make spate versions for desktop and mobile screens, which take more time. 
  • Lack of a proper cookie consent banner

Webinars Feature

Webinars is one of the recently introduced features by GetResponse. This feature allows users to host webinars on this platform. Now the question arises how webinar feature is important for your email marketing? 

So, webinars are used in lead-generation as it helps you get such emails to reach more audiences. This feature also helps in generating revenue for you. That is why putting webinars and email databases on the same platform help users increase their business. 

If we talk about the attendee limits that includes – 

  • ‘Plus’ plan offers to host 100 participants.
  • ‘Professional’ plan offers to host 300 participants. 
  • ‘Enterprise’ plan offered to host 500 participants.

 Now let’s talk about some best features that make this webinar feature useful. These useful features include –

  • Your participants do not need to install any software. 
  • Provides a one-click record of your webinars
  • Offers screen sharing functionality 
  • Also, provide the option to get PowerPoint presentations during the Webinar.
  • Offers video sharing functionality 
  • Provides you free online storage

Instead of these positive aspects, there are negative ones also – 

  • You can only run paid webinars, where participants have to pay for access.
  • The maximum limit of the attendee is 500, and it cannot increase beyond that.
  • Do not offer generous file storage limits.

I hope you get everything about this webinar tool. It is a crucial tool to use to increase leads and helps in improving your overall e-marketing business. 

Conversion Funnels 

“Conversion funnels” is one of the key features that were introduced recently by GetResponse. This tool is one of the important and most used features in GetResponse. The value is added to GetResponse can be imagined as it can change the entire email marketing platform into a platform to run an entire e-commerce business. 

This feature offers many services that–

  • Helps in Creating a product catalog 
  • Helps in creating and running a Facebook ad campaign
  • Creating landing pages 
  • Helps in adding the subscribers to an autoresponder cycle 
  • Helps in sending the abandoned cart emails when necessary
  • Helps in taking the payments of products

The best part is you can access these features in all plans. The version you will get in the basic plan will only let you create one funnel and not allow you to use the abandoned cart recovery feature.

This feature is mostly used by the “solopreneurs” as they want all in one option for creating all things together, from creating a sales funnel to converting subscribers into customers. 

App and integrations 

GetResponse allows you to integrate it with other platforms and tools. You can easily integrate GetResponse with many e-commerce and CMS platforms like Shopify, WordPress, capsule, highrise, and many more. 

Pros and cons of GetResponse 

Before using an app or tool, you need to know about the pros and cons of that. Knowing about the pros and cons helps you to come up with a better decision. So let’s talk about that. 


  • Provides user-friendly interface 
  • Its Plans are affordable as compare to many competitors. 
  • Provides discounts when a user pays for one or 2-year service 
  • Provides you with advanced features in marketing automation 
  • It data segmentation helps in making list management quite straight forward. 
  • Provide you the webinar functionality that helps in generating more leads.
  • It provides a conversion funnel feature that helps manage social media ads, sales funnels, and e-commerce activities.
  • Provides comprehensive reporting feature  
  • It’s all the plans come with a landing page creator that helps in making attractive landing pages. 
  • Provide Custom DKIM in all the plans 
  • It integrates well with google analytics and other metrics tools.
  • It offers you 30 days free trial on its every plan without the need for your card details. 


  • People face some problems in drag and drop interfaces while creating landing pages. 
  • It allows you to use Facebook pixel with its landing page feature but will not be able to do it in a GDPR compliant way. 
  • Its way of capturing the form data can be improved so that users can be able to switch on or off on devices. 
  • It’s 1- factor authentication at login can raise the question of security, 
  • There cannot be more than 500 participants in the Webinar. 
  • Phone support is not provided unless you are using the “Max” plan. 

So we hope you can get an idea of the pros and cons of the GetResponse platform. Now it’s time I know about its customer support system. 

Customer support 

The GetResponse customer support is one of the best most comprehensive available for email-marketing features as it involves – 

  • Phone support 
  • Live chat support 
  • Email support 
  • Various online Tutorials 

In the recent updates, the phone support has now been stopping unless you are using the “Max” plan. But personally, you don’t need to buy that as GetResponse provides 24/7 live chat and email support. 


To be honest, GetResponse is one of the most affordable ways to host and get in contact with your email database. Services that are provided by this platform are email marketing, automation, landing pages, e-commerce, sales funnels, and webinars. It also provides landing pages creator feature in its all the plans to let their users build attractive e-newsletters. This platform also came up with other new features like Facebook ads and webinars that really help generate leads. There is no doubt left that this is one of the best all in one marketing platform. 

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